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Extra Tours

At Pippin in Lapland we also offer a number of additional tours. Which one suits you?

Spend the night in an igloo (Quinzee)

Super fun to do in Lapland

Sleeping in an igloo is a surprisingly comfortable experience. The snow insulates against the cold outside and keeps out wind and noise. You can sleep wonderfully on an air mattress and with warm sleeping bags. The igloo is close to our house and if it unexpectedly gets too cold, you can return to the house to continue sleeping.

During your five-day stay you can spend a night in an igloo instead of in your bed. How cool is that! Inside it is around -1 to -4, while outside it can be as low as 20. The Quinzee has a lamp, a bed, an insulating air mattress and a warm sleeping bag. There is room for two people. If it gets too cold at night, go to the nearby house.

€ 50,- pp

Lapland vanuit de lucht

Moose safari

Looking for the moose in Lapland

Moose do not easily show themselves and usually keep far away from the human world. To spot the fantastic animals, you will go out today with Jan who knows exactly where the elk live. Did you know that a male moose can grow to be 3 meters long and 2 meters high?

We do this tour after snowshoeing and it takes approximately 3 hours. You leave civilization and go by bus along the glacier valley towards the wilderness and the Caledonian mountain range. During the journey we will keep an eye out for forests and open swamps where the elk live, sometimes stopping to study the beautiful majestic animals and perhaps we will be lucky enough to photograph one. We smell the wilderness and winter.

From mid-January it is light longer and the chance of seeing them is therefore slightly greater

€ 99,- pp min. 4 people max. 8 people

Eland op de weg in lapland

3 day dog ​​sledding tour

Let the huskies take you on a tour of beautiful Lapland and to a wilderness camp

You ride together on your own sled, which you can take turns driving and being pulled by 4-6 dogs. You will receive warm clothing (shoes, overalls, warm hat and gloves), sleeping bag with sheets and towel. Once you've changed and packed for the trip, you'll receive a briefing on how to handle the sled and dogs so you feel safe taking care of your dog sled team. Then you set off for a unique dog sled experience.

With the Huskies you take a trip through the fantastic Lapland in the area of ​​Jukkasjärvi and the Torne River through forests that are often covered with shiny snow and over frozen lakes to the wilderness camp. When you arrive at the camp, you start by taking care of the dogs, getting water from the lake and preparing the sauna. After dinner you end the day with a sauna bath. The next day, after you have cared for the dogs, fed them and after breakfast, you set off for new experiences.

An amazing experience and definitely recommended!

Overnight stay: The wilderness camp with a guest house of approximately 50 m2 with a living room, kitchen and a bedroom for 6-8 people. There is also a sauna and a barbecue hut. The camp has no electricity or running water. The water is collected from a lake next to the camp.

​Transfer: You will be picked up and taken to Kiruna afterwards. The tour starts on Friday morning and ends on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning and ends on Wednesday afternoon.

​Price includes: 2 nights, full board, warm clothing and transfer to/from Kiruna C.

€ 899,- pp min. 4 people max. 8 people

Image by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic

Encounter with the Reindeer

Sami Reindeer

Experience the lifestyle of the original inhabitants of Lapland; the Sami. You go out with Sami guides and learn everything about reindeer keeping and what this means for their culture. You will train the reindeer, feed them, ride a sleigh and learn everything about Nutti Sami Siida.


Date and time: Consult with us what date this tour would be possible. The tour starts at approximately 1:30 PM and ends around 5:00 PM

Overnight accommodation: This tour does not include overnight accommodation. You can book an extra night at a hotel here

Includes: warm overalls, snowshoes, gloves, hat and helmet. Taste smoked reindeer, Sami glow cake, lingonberry jam and orange juice and coffee/tea.

€ 349,- pp min. 2 people max. 16 people

Ice fishing

Try to catch a delicious trout

In winter, Swedes like to go ice fishing. In winter you have a chance of catching trout and pike. We will give you an ice auger and a fishing rod with bait. You can make a hole on the lake in no time and the fishing can begin.


Date and time: The equipment for ice fishing can be rented from us on site

Includes: Ice auger, fishing rod and bait

€ 25,- per day

Prachtge luchten in Lapland

Additional overnight stay

Extra nights in our house

Would you like to stay extra nights in our house? Unfortunately this is not possible. Kim and Jan need these days to get everything ready for the next group to come.

There are several hotels in Kiruna where you could book a room for an extra. for example Best western,  E10 hotel,  The Bishop arms, of het Scandic hotel.

What else can you do in Kiruna?

  • In Kiruna you can visit the church. A beautiful wooden church that will be moved to a new location in 2025.

  • It is very nice to walk through the city and be amazed at how life continues at -30.

  • You can also view the largest underground mine in the world

  • A day of skiing

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