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Veel gestelde vragen

Vind hier de antwoorden op veel gestelde vragen

Image by Katarzyna Pe
  • How long does the dog sled ride take?
    The dog sledding tour takes about 3 hours. You start at 9:00 am with changing clothes and explanations and then go sledding with two people across the frozen lakes and snow-covered forests. You will be taken back to the house around 1:30 PM.
  • Do you have any clothing advice for -30?
    Yes. 30 degrees below zero. It can get that cold in Lapland. That is about 60 degrees colder than on a warm summer day in July. But how cold is that really? Minus 32? Can you still go outside and won't your ears freeze off? We have written a blog in which we tell about our own experiences with the wonderful temperatures there, and how to deal with it and how to dress.
  • Can I book a room for ourselves?
    Yes, in our house we have 12 beds. These are divided into 2 rooms with 4 beds and 2 rooms with 2 beds. It is only possible to book a room for yourself with 2 or 4 if there is still room in the house for that date.
  • Are bed linen and towels provided?
    Yes, we have clean bed linen for the beds. a sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase. It is best to bring a towel yourself. A sports towel is light and dries quickly.
  • Can I rent clothes from you in Lapland?
    No, we do have some snow boots that can be rented on site from us for your entire stay. For five days this is € 25 per pair. It is best to bring other clothes with you. For the snowmobile ride and for the dog sled ride you will be provided with warm overalls with shoes, gloves, scarf and extra socks.
  • Can I pay with Euros in Sweden?
    No, in Sweden we have the Swedish krona. 10 kroner is about one euro. You can pin everywhere.
  • What about the Polar Night?
    In December the days get shorter and shorter, until around December 11 the polar night enters and the sun no longer rises. A super unique experience to experience. The first week of January the sun shows itself again and the days get longer and longer until the sun no longer sets in June and the midnight sun is. Curious about the time when the sun rises and sets? Then take a look at this website.
  • What kind of fellow travelers are going on a trip?
    Of the 12 people who can spend the night in the house, the group is often very diverse and always very cozy. For each date you can see who has already booked. Man, woman, ages and whether travelers come alone or together.
  • How does the payment work and what happens after making the booking?
    After you have sent the booking, we will start processing the booking. You will receive An invoice with how much the down payment is and how much the balance is. The travel letter with all the information about the trip An email from the STO guarantee fund for payment The payment of the trip goes through the STO guarantee fund. The entire amount remains with them until after the trip. STO Garant is a guarantee scheme with which organizations can comply with the mandatory guarantee scheme according to the Package Travel Directive. Deposit is 20% in 2 weeks, balance is due 60 days before departure.
  • How long does the snowmobile tour take?
    For the snowmobile tour you are expected at 9:30 where you will be given super warm equipment. After this you go to the snowmobiles for an explanation of how everything works on the scooter and you go to the Ice Hotel. After visiting the Ice Hotel, you will take a detour back to the starting point where you will arrive again around 4:30 PM. In total you will ride the scooter for about 2.5 hours.
  • Can I travel with someone else?
    Yes, we create a group app via WhatsApp and there you can see if you can make the trip together with the other travelers. The app can also be used to view and share photos from, among others. The Northern Lights.
  • Will there be children on this trip?
    Children over 12 years old can join this trip. Below 12 it can be very cold and the distances can be just too far to walk.
  • Is there WiFi in the house?
    Yes, there is WiFi in the house.
  • Can I pass on food wishes to you?
    Yes, it is certainly possible for us to take into account restricted diets. For example, the Swedish labels make a peanut allergy very difficult. Not whole tomatoes can be a lot better. Much is possible in consultation.
  • What if I want to stay longer than five days?
    Our journey takes five days. But there is so much more to do. How about spending the night in an igloo, ice fishing in the wilderness, being a reindeer herder for a day or three days dog sledding. Click on the button below to see the extra tours.
  • How do I get to Kiruna, Swedish Lapland?
    There are several options to get to Kiruna. You can go by car, train, bus or plane. Flying is the easiest but a combination of flying and train is also very nice. You can read all about it in our blog. We are happy to help you plan the trip.
  • Will I see Northern Lights?
    The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and there are several factors that may or may not make you see them. So far everyone who has been with us has seen the Northern Lights. Curious how the Northern Lights are created? Then read our blog about the Northern Lights.
  • Can I book alone? And will I pay more?
    No you don't pay any extra costs with us. You do sleep with one to three others in a room. About a third of the travelers come alone and it's always a lot of fun together.

Wie is Pippin?

Wij zijn Kim en Jan en zijn in 2018 Pippin Hikes wandelvakanties begonnen. We overnachten daarbij in Tipitenten en voor in de winter zochten we een leuk winterprogramma en al snel kwam het idee om een reis naar Lapland te gaan organiseren. En dat was een groot succes. Voor het seizoen van 2023/2024 hebben we ons eigen huis en zijn we een half jaar in Lapland. Gasten vinden ons altijd erg ontspannen en zeer flexibel. Wij vinden dat het jouw vakantie is en dat je daar op en top van moet genieten. 

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