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Fly, bus or train to Lapland

Updated: Mar 19

How to get to Kiruna, Sweden From Amsterdam it is about 2700 km by car. Now you can go by car in the winter, but you have to count on a travel time of about 4 days there and you will have to adjust the car to temperatures below -30 degrees and studded tires are a must. In other words, not really that handy, but very adventurous. But don't worry, there are great ways to get to Kiruna without much hassle.

There are actually four options:

  1. To fly

  2. Train

  3. Bus

  4. Partly by plane, train or bus.

At the time of writing, flying is the cheapest option. We also really enjoy flying part of the trip, visiting Stockholm and taking the night train to Kiruna. Since a few years you can also go to Lapland by bus for the most part.

By plane to Lapland

1 | Decide from which airport you want to fly

  • Find your nearest International airport

2 | Find a suitable flight

  • You can find all flights to Kiruna on sites like Skyscanner or Google flights.

  • Minimum 1 hour transfer time

  • Total travel time is usually around 8 hours

  • Additional transfers in Copenhagen can be a great option

  • Book all outward flights with the same airline. Back the same. This because of connections and luggage.

What can also be very nice is to spend a day in Stockholm and then fly to Kiruna the next day. Stockholm is a very nice city to stay for one or more days. With airline tickets, it is always the case that the earlier you book the tickets, the cheaper the trip is.

3 | Book your flight

  • You can get by for five days with only hand luggage.

  • Or for checking in a suitcase together 1x.

  • Always take your most important items with you in your hand luggage, if allowed by the airline

By bus to Lapland

The Flixbus can be a fun and sustainable choice. The bus drives to Umea, which is about 600 km above Stockholm. You can then do the last 600 km by train. You can travel from various places in Europe with the Flixbus to Stockholm with only one transfer in Hamburg.

Once you have arrived in Stockholm, you can continue directly by night train or plane to Kiruna. Or you take the Flixbus to Umea and then continue by train to Kiruna.

The bus from the Netherlands to Stockholm takes about 24 hours and on the way you can see plenty of the landscape. The bus has sockets and wifi. Return to Stockholm costs about €140

By train to Lapland

The train can also be a fun and sustainable option.

From Amsterdam to Hamburg and then on to Stockholm and Kiruna. You are on the road for about 35 hours in total. There is a night train from Stockholm. You can read all about it in our blog: You can order tickets for the entire journey via, for example, the train travel shop. You can often book tickets for the train journey about 3 months in advance. On the way you can do a day in Hamburg or Stockholm and make your trip longer.

The train journey from Stockholm to Kiruna takes about 15 hours. You usually leave at 6:00 PM and arrive in Kiruna around 9:00 AM. You can book a train ticket via Ticket around € 85 pp with bed.

Partly by plane, train or bus

A combination of bus, flight and train is also a nice option. You could then fly to Stockholm and then take the night train to Kiruna. Another option may be to travel to Stockholm by Flixbus and from there take the night train or plane to Kiruna.

A few examples are:

  • Fly to Stockholm and take the night train to Kiruna

  • By bus to Stockholm and the plane to Kiruna

  • By bus to Stockholm and by night train to Kiruna

Transfer to the Swedish House and back

The transfer from Kiruna airport, or the train station, to the cottage is arranged by us. It is important that we know what time you will arrive so that we can pick you up on time. The drive to the cabin is approximately 20 minutes.

Arrival time

We recommend arriving in Kiruna between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. It is also possible to look around Kiruna for a day. It is not a very big city, but it is very nice to spend a morning looking around and marvel at walkers with skis, view nice shops and enjoy a real Swedish Fika. (A moment of rest with coffee/tea and a tasty sweet snack). We will then pick you up in consultation from the place where you are.

Travel and cancellation insurance

We always recommend taking out travel and cancellation insurance and checking the conditions carefully. It is good to see what your insurance covers.

In other words, plenty of options. If we can help with anything, we'd love to hear from you.

Ticket assistance

Do you need help booking your flight or train journey? Then let Madelon Lucas help you plan and book the tickets.

See you in Lapland!

Kim en Jan Noordermeer

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