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Snowmobile tour Lapland

In this blog you can read how great it is to drive a snowmobile through the forests of Lapland, and that it is really great for everyone, young and old, daredevil or not.

I (Kim) remember the very first time I "had to" ride a snowmobile. It was our first Lapland trip with a group, and as a tour guide I couldn't show how exciting (scary) I actually found it. I had never been on a moped or scooter or motorcycle at all.. but I didn't tell anyone that.

Change into warm thermal clothing

First we were hoisted into extremely warm thermal overalls in the changing room. We received extra socks, two layers of gloves, earmuffs, ski goggles and a warm hat with a helmet over it. And all that over our warm clothes, which we already had on. We were happy to be allowed to go outside again, where it was at least nice and fresh. About a degree or minus 16°.

Snowmobile driving instruction

There we received extensive instruction from experienced and certified employees. Clearly and clearly they explained how to accelerate, brake, where the hand heating was on the steering wheel, and how to steer. If you did exactly as they told you, it was a safe and very nice trip.

After the explanation we walked to a place a little further, where the scooters were already waiting. I had listened carefully to the instructor, just like the rest of the group, and very bravely I got on a scooter. Actually, I had a little clammy hands, so I put the steering wheel heating a lot lower. One by one, the first of the group accelerated. And then it was my turn.

On the road with the snowmobile

Cautiously I gave some gas. And a little more. Slowly the scooter started to move. It felt mighty beautiful! Such a huge scooter under your ass, whizzing over the snow. A lap around the lake to practice and get used to the device gave me a lot of confidence that I could do this too. It was very bumpy on the snow, but I automatically got into the right rhythm. How cool was this!!

When the whole group got used to the scooters, we started our trip to the ice hotel, where we had lunch. The instructor who rode in front saw that our group liked a bit of speed, and increased the pace a bit. I too was able to keep up with the group. It sends heavier than a bicycle (I have no further comparison material) but the corners were easy to take. We went through the woods, over narrow paths where we glided very quietly and past the sled dog kennel, where all the dogs barked enthusiastically at us.

We stopped several times to make sure everyone was okay, and after about an hour we were at the lunch spot.

Lunch at the ice hotel

After we got off the snowmobile we visited the ice hotel. Beautiful! Everything carved out of ice from the river. beds, rooms and beautiful artwork. After the visit it was time for lunch that we had at the heated part of the ice hotel. After lunch we continued to the last church of the Sami and meet the reindeer that eat right out of your hand and then went back to the snowmobiles for the ride home.

Second part of the snowmobile tour

Now I got up with a completely different feeling than at the beginning of the morning!!

I had little trouble keeping up with the group, and when we got back to the lake where we started, the instructor asked if we wanted to see if we could keep up with him. Of course nobody said no to that.

On the straights we achieved considerable speed. The maximum speed in Sweden for a snowmobile is 80 km/h on open terrain.. Woehoeee

After the trip I felt really cool! And I'm sure that everyone, even if you're actually a bit scared, thinks it's super cool to drive a snowmobile.

Tips for driving for the first time:

  • Stay warm: Make sure no skin is left uncovered as it can get very cold on the snowmobile at 70 km/h.

  • Know the hand gestures other drivers give and know what you want to convey while driving. These are explained well during the instructions.

  • Watch out for other riders and keep your distance.

  • You don't have to drive full throttle, but keep to a speed that you like.

  • A child can easily sit in front of the driver. Depending on the length. If they are too small there is also a sled behind the snowmobile that they can go in.

  • At the start, you want to hold on to the handlebars as the snowmobile makes its way through the snow. it is better to hold the steering wheel a little looser. The snowmobile tends to react a bit slower than you are used to with a car, for example, and the irregular surface makes it more bumpy.

  • Don't worry, you will receive an explanation from the instructor before the tour and it is really great to do.


Kim and Jan

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