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Foods and Drinks in Lapland

Anyone who books a trip with us is completely relieved! From the moment you step off the plane or train, everything is and will be arranged for you, so all you have to do is enjoy everything immensely. All tours are already booked for you, the sauna and the fire hut are at your disposal, and all meals, snacks and drinks are also provided.

Curious about what's on the table? Then continue reading this blog!

I have my own catering company, Pippin Foods, and you can see and taste that in everything that comes out of the kitchen. I make all dishes with a lot of love and I am often singing and dancing in the kitchen.

Breakfast in Swedish Lapland

If you are used to a cracker with cheese at home, and you prefer to eat it in Lapland, then we will of course take care of it, because you can always tell us your preferences, and we will see if we can take that into account . If you do not inform us, you can simply enjoy the extensive breakfast buffet.

Early in the morning, the smell of fresh coffee permeates the house first. The smell of freshly baked fluffy pancakes will follow soon after. Which, by the way, are very tasty with lingonsylt. The lingonberry is a sweet and sour berry that thrives in Sweden and in the summer it is picked in abundance and made into jam that can be enjoyed all year round. Of course we also have this typical Swedish jam on the menu.

Crispbread in many shapes and sizes, fresh rolls, yogurt and quark with blueberries and muesli and cruesli, boiled eggs, tea and juice, should not be missed. And did you know that the Swedes eat a lot of cheese spread from a tube? In the flavors shrimp, blue cheese, and tomato, for example. You want to taste that, right?

Lunch in Swedish Lapland

Since it can get quite cold in the far North in winter, I like to prepare a hot lunch. I have a delicious recipe of Swedish bean soup for example! Which tastes the best with a sandwich baked on an open fire, in the cozy fire hut.

Or nice lukewarm pasta salad? Not typically Swedish, but above all very tasty.

Or tortilla?, or celeriac soup with rosemary?, or tomato soup with toast and Caprese?…

We will also have lunch at the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. In the warm part they have a restaurant and an extensive (hot) lunch buffet, which you can enjoy halfway through the snowmobile tour.

Fika in Sweden

Fika is the quintessential Swedish coffee moment. At any time of the day, you can insert a Fika. A moment of peace, there is no talk about work, for example. And it takes as long as it takes.

In the Netherlands, the coffee break is often 15 minutes, and in between you check your email, the phone rings, and you answer a few text messages. However, the Swedes approach this differently. It really is a moment of relaxation and conviviality, and is often (usually always) accompanied by something nice and sweet. A kanelbullar for example, (the famous cinnamon bun) cardamom bun or other delicacy.

And since we like to stick to local customs, you will definitely experience a Fika.

Dinner in Swedish Lapland

I do my best to put a varied healthy and Swedish meal on the table every evening. Consisting of a starter, main course with a tasty salad and of course a delicious dessert. Examples from previous years include:

  • Marinated fish on a bed of arugula

  • Pasta pesto with chicken, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella and salad

  • Apple crumble from the oven with ice cream

  • Ärtsoppa (Swedish yellow pea soup)

  • Beet stew with Swedish balls

  • caramel sea salt cheesecake

  • Gravad lax (salmon) with honey dill sauce

  • Reindeer skav (strips) with lingonberries, baked potatoes and savory pie.

  • Cheese plate with fig bread and grapes

These are just a few examples of what has already happened. I like to try something new, and am always looking for typical Swedish delicacies.

And did you know that you can always pass on if you can't handle something? Bell pepper or tomato for example, or if you prefer not to eat meat. I'll keep that in mind with the recipes for you!


Since we offer the total package, and our house is quite remote from the shops, all snacks and drinks are included. Unlimited coffee and tea and lemonade, with some sweets of course. There is always a filled fruit basket on the table. (and a candy jar). And of course a nice wine or local beer is not missing with your meal.

Cozy drinks in the evening, in the house or in the cozy fire hut, with a nut or a chippie are part of it, after all you are on holiday!

Are there things that you miss, or that you still want to know? Feel free to ask, we are happy to help!

Greetings Kim

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